Jason Bret Harris, PhD

Computational Chemist/Biologist

  • BCMB 517 - Physical Biochemistry
    University of Tennessee- Spring 2014 (Guest Lecturer on molecular dynamics)
    University of Tennessee- Spring 2014 (Guest Lecturer on virtual docking)

    Physics and chemistry of biological systems and molecules. Thermodynamics; diffusion and transport; physical chemistry of macromolecules; enzyme kinetics; binding reactions; spectroscopy; electrophysiology.

  • BCMB 420 - GST Colloquium
    University of Tennessee- Spring 2014 (Designed and taught workshop on molecular dynamics)
    University of Tennessee- Spring 2014 (Designed and taught workshop on remote cluster computing)

    Workshop series.

  • BCMB 420 - Structural Aspects of Disease
    University of Tennessee- Fall 2013 (Guest Lecturer on alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency)
    Case studies of structural changes within protein that cause disease states.

  • BIOL 140 - Organization and Function of the Cell
    University of Tennessee- FALL 2013 (TA for 1 Lab Section)
    University of Tennessee- FALL 2013 (Lecture TA)
    University of Tennessee- FALL 2013 (Guest Lecturer on replication, transcription, and translation)
    University of Tennessee- FALL 2012 (TA for 2 Lab Sections)

    Topics include basic organic chemistry and biomolecules, cell structure (membranes, cell walls, and internal organelles); energetics (respiration and photosynthesis); cell division mitosis; and molecular biology. Labs will stress basic laboratory skills and procedures such as measuring pipetting and mixing solutions, as well as introduce modern methods for analysis of cell components such as electrophoresis and centrifugation. Prerequisite(s): 130 and Chemistry 120. Corequisite(s): Chemistry 130.

  • KIDSU Summer Camp (Grades 9-12, rising) PHOTOS
    Virtual Biology: Using Computers to Discover New Medicines
    University of Tennessee - Summer 2014 (designed and taught curriculum)
    University of Tennessee - Summer 2013 (designed and taught curriculum)

    Have you ever considered a career in computational biology? In this hands-on camp, you’ll learn the basics of biophysics through protein structure by building physical and virtual protein models. Through modeling simulation software, you’ll predict the structure and function of proteins and conduct virtual biochemical experiments to find new targets for potential pharmaceuticals. Learn how these simulations are currently used in virtual drug discoveries, virtual toxicology, and other high-tech scientific careers that are changing the way we view biology. Course # 13SU789

  • UTK/Knox County Pre-Collegiate Research Scholars Program
    University of Tennessee - Fall 2013-Spring 2014 (research mentor for a high school student)
    The Pre-Collegiate Research Scholarship Program is a partnership between two proudly public institutions: The University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Knox County Schools.The program's goal is to develop a model for hosting high school students in university research laboratories and shops so that they may experience the excitement of scientific research and engage in their own original research. Selected rising high school seniors participate in the program upon the recommendation of the collaborating teacher mentor at their respective high schools. Through our program, rising seniors from 13 of Knox County’s public high schools conduct original research for 2 or 3 full semesters in a UT laboratory or engineering shop. Each student works with a pair of trained mentor teachers: one from UT and the other from her or his high school. This unique “Team of Three” approach is what makes the Pre-Collegiate Research Scholars Program the only one of its kind in the country.